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This page provides access to UDOT apps.  Please read instructions!





We are using a new Universal Print Client called UniPrint. This requires that the UniPrint client and the full Citrix client be installed on each PC. If you do not install and configure UniPrint you will not be able to print!

The Citrix client is for Windows only. Linux or MAC operating systems are not supported.

Here are the installation instructions - 

NOTE - UniPrint client requires .NET Framework 2.0. If you do not have it installed you will receive an error and the install will not complete. You will need to install .NET Framework either from Microsoft's website, Windows updates or here.  

Click link to launch application:

 PDBS (Production - Everyone)

 PDBS_AT (Test Data Only)

 PDBSvb_AT (Beta - Do not use)


Troubleshooting Tips:
  • Try reinstalling the Citrix ICA client.
  • Make sure your id and password was entered correctly, no caps lock, etc.

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