SNAP offers Utah elementarys an assembly and movie DVD about walking and biking safely to school.

With larger-than-life characters and music fit for a rock show, the four-member SNAP Team teaches students about the importance of following the safest routes on the school's SNAP Map, traffic signs and signals and necessary gear, and it helps them get excited about walking and biking to school.

Schools along the Wasatch Front: "SNAP, Walk 'n Roll" Assembly

Schools outside the Wasatch Front: "SNAP, Walk 'n Roll: The Movie" DVD


UDOT SNAP is now accepting requests for the fall 2016 season of "SNAP, Walk 'n Roll." To request an assembly please contact the SNAP Team.

SNAP, Walk 'n Roll is a free, 35-minute assembly about walking and biking safely to school.



To schedule a free performance of the SNAP, Walk 'n Roll assembly, Utah elementary schools along the Wasatch Front must have a completed SNAP Map.

Contact the SNAP team to schedule an assembly for your school.


"This is my 41st year of teaching and your assembly was the best informational assembly that has come to our school in 20 years. The presentation and performers were top notch. They held the kids' attention with songs, movement, color and energy. This information is what I want my students to remember." (Third-Grade Teacher, Granite School District)

"I loved the whole entire assembly. It was awesome! Especially the dancing and the music! I hope they make a CD of the music because I want to buy one. I learned what all the signs meant, and how to cross the street and to have fun too." (Fourth grade student, Washington Elementary)

In an email to all principals in her district: "This assembly is fantastic! The students are totally engaged! UDOT did this one right! Song and dance get right to the point of the message with a new spin on the information. Even my teachers were impressed ? you'll not be sorry you had them come." (Principal, Granite School District)

"The whole thing was awesome! Please send a CD of your music. From your pal, Corbyn." (Fourth grade student, Washington Elementary)

"The students were engaged the entire time by your high-energy messages expressed through music and dance. I hope we can see you again next year." (Principal, Salt Lake School District)

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"SNAP, Walk 'n Roll: The Movie," based on the award-winning live musical-assembly-meets-rock-show, is an original 30-minute video about walking and biking safely to school.



To obtain a free copy of "SNAP, Walk 'n Roll: The Movie," Utah elementary schools must have a completed SNAP Map. Note: At this time, the DVD is only available to schools outside the assembly performance area (i.e. Wasatch Front).

Contact the SNAP team to request a DVD for your school.

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