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Seasonal highways open for the summer

Just in time for the summer, our crews recently opened several seasonal highways around the state. Many of these are key routes to access summertime recreation hotspots and are among the most scenic drives in the state.

The higher-elevation highways that are expected to be open for Memorial Day include:

  • SR-39 (Monte Cristo) east of Ogden – scheduled to open today, May 26
  • SR-65 (Big Mountain/East Canyon) northeast of Salt Lake City – currently open
  • SR-92 (Alpine Loop) from American Fork Canyon to Provo Canyon – currently open
  • SR-35 (Wolf Creek Pass) east of Francis – currently open
  • SR-148 (Cedar Breaks) – currently open
  • SR-150 (Mirror Lake Highway) – scheduled to open Friday, May 27
  • SR-190 (Guardsman Pass) – scheduled to open Friday, May 27

UDOT does not maintain these highways during winter due to heavy snowfall and the low number of vehicles using these roads. They are generally open between late May and October. Drivers are urged to do their part in making travel safer for everybody by staying alert, using seat belts, putting away distractions, and ensuring their vehicle is in good mechanical condition with sufficient gas, tire pressure, and fluids before traveling on these often-remote roads. 

Drivers can find out the status of seasonal highways statewide, as well as traffic and construction information for all Utah highways, by accessing the UDOT Traffic website at udottraffic.utah.gov (click on Seasonal Road Closures in the menu on the left of the page) or downloading the UDOT Traffic smartphone app. UDOT is also available on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

UDOT crews work to clear Wolf Creek Pass (SR-35).

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