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I-15 Express Lanes Tolling to Begin in Davis and Weber Counties

Drivers on northbound and southbound I-15 can expect tolling to begin on Monday, Oct. 31

Drivers can expect tolling on the new northbound and southbound I-15 Express Lanes (carpool lanes) between Layton Parkway in Layton, Utah, and Riverdale Road in Ogden, Utah, to begin as early as Monday, Oct. 31

Once the tolling has been activated, the Express Lanes can be used by drivers of carpool vehicles, buses, motorcycles, single-occupant vehicles with an Express Pass or a Clean Vehicle Pass and emergency vehicles. Overhead signs along I-15 show zone pricing for single drivers with an Express Pass. Zone pricing adjusts during peak travel times when congestion increases. Prices range from 25 cents to $2 per zone, depending on congestion.

Drivers with a gross vehicle weight greater than 12,000 pounds, those pulling trailers and solo drivers without an Express Pass or valid Clean Vehicle Pass are not allowed in the Express Lanes.

The activation of tolling on the Express Lanes in Davis and Weber Counties will mark substantial completion of the Utah Department of Transportation I-15 Davis-Weber Express Lanes project. This project extended the Express Lanes on I-15 between Layton Parkway and Riverdale Road to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion along I-15. Construction of this 10-mile segment of the Express Lanes makes this the longest continuous carpool lane segment in the United States, spanning 82 miles between Spanish Fork and Riverdale.

The I-15 Davis-Weber Express Lanes project also included widening and/or replacing seven bridge structures, improving on- and off-ramps and replacing concrete panels and pavement along I-15.

Drivers are encouraged to visit the UDOT Traffic website or download the UDOT Traffic app for iPhone or Android to access the latest information on traffic restrictions and roadway construction statewide.

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