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UDOT Showcased Groundbreaking Connected Vehicle Technology to U.S. Transportation Officials

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) showcased the nation’s first operational deployment of a new radio-based connected vehicle technology (CAV) to state and national transportation officials.

The demonstration was part of a three-day workshop with several transportation leaders to share best practices and highlight the department’s nationally recognized Redwood Road CAV project.

“We are innovating the future now right here in Utah,” said Blaine Leonard, UDOT technology and innovation engineer. “This workshop is a great opportunity for us to share how we are using technology to keep traffic moving. As CAV technology continues to develop, we will look for additional ways it can help us reduce delays and improve safety on Utah’s roads.”

UDOT’s first-in-the-nation deployment of CAV technology uses Designated Short Range Communications (DSRC) radios, designed specifically for CAV applications. This system is helping Utah Transit Authority buses arrive on time at bus stops along Redwood Road between 3500 South and 8020 South.

UDOT installed DSRC radios at most signalized intersections on Redwood Road in this area, as well as on UTA buses. Using these radios, UTA buses and the traffic signals at each intersection can “talk” to each other.

A computer onboard each bus checks its schedule status as it drives. If the bus is behind schedule, the computer sends a request to the nearest traffic signal to extend the green time. A computer within the traffic signal control cabinet at the intersection reviews the information from the bus and adjusts the green signal time, allowing the bus to proceed through.

This process is completely automated, and takes place without any actions by the driver. The signals are connected to UDOT’s fiber optic network, so engineers in the UDOT Traffic Operations Center can monitor the system’s performance.

Four UTA buses were equipped with radios and computers to utilize this system. Another four were equipped later on, with plans to add more buses in the future. Additional DSRC radios were also installed for future use at most of the signalized intersections on Redwood Road between 400 South and 3500 South. Another major deployment of this system took place in Utah County, when the Provo-Orem BRT system began operations.

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