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Utah’s Biggest Pedestrian Bridge Unveiled

The UVU pedestrian provides students a safer and faster way to campus

Local officials unveiled a new pedestrian bridge that connects Utah Valley University (UVU) with the UTA FrontRunner Orem Central Station at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

The $30.7 million bridge was built through a partnership with UVU, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), Orem City and the Utah State Legislature. Spanning more than three football fields (at 1,000 feet long and 15 feet wide), the new pedestrian bridge is the largest in the state. 

“This bridge is a one-of-a-kind triumph,” UVU Vice President of Finance and Administration Val Peterson said. “Its construction began with a question —how we can safely connect pedestrians on one side of our campus with the other— and the larger question of how to more easily connect the community with UVU. I believe we have done just that.”

The new pedestrian bridge is expected to move more than 5,000 people daily across nine sets of railroad tracks, a freeway and a frontage road.

The bridge contains 15,000 square feet of heated concrete to melt snow and ice in the winter, and a full-coverage roof to provide shelter from the elements. The walkway is lined with 125 lights and 18 security cameras, providing students a safe and secure walking environment.

The bridge serves as a vital connection over I-15 to various UVU facilities for a daily average of more than 5,000 users.

“It’s not often you see a bridge of this size built just for pedestrians and bicyclists,” UDOT Deputy Director Teri Newell said. “At UDOT our goal is to provide diverse choices for how and when you travel. This kind of investment in active transportation is another example of how UDOT is focused on keeping people moving.”   

UTA Board Chairman Carlton Christensen added, “Utah Transit Authority is always striving to connect communities, and this pedestrian bridge will help connect over 40,000 UVU students to the Orem FrontRunner station. We are proud to be a part of this project and the way it connects the community.” 

The bridge’s walkway is lined with 125 lights and 18 security cameras, providing UVU students a safe and secure walking environment.

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