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Please Stay Out of Construction Zones

We have an important message for Utahns who live, work, or attend school near construction zones: “Stay safe by staying out.”

With many projects planned or currently in construction across the state, we are seeing people walking, jogging, riding bicycles, or playing in construction areas. This puts kids and adults at risk of serious injuries or worse.  

“Construction areas have large trucks and heavy equipment working in close quarters, deep trenches and dropoffs, uneven ground and other hazards,” said John Gleason, UDOT spokesperson. “Staying out of our work zones keeps us all safe and helps us do our jobs as efficiently as possible.”    

We’re focused on safety as our primary goal, and dedicate significant resources to make all projects safe. For example, the U.S. 89 project in Davis County has its own required safety training, and a full-time safety manager ensuring compliance with safety standards. Protective equipment is required for all workers and site visitors. Safety performance is a key metric for project teams and is continually monitored and improvements are constantly being implemented. This ongoing, top-priority effort is necessary to ensure that workers are able to go home safely to their families each night.

“As contractors, we can only do so much. You can help us by reminding your family, friends and neighbors to stay out of work zones,” said Rich Thorn, president of AGC-Utah. “Please make sure that your kids, especially, know not to play in work zones or on construction equipment.”  

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t walk, jog, or ride bikes in construction zones.
  • Find a different way if a construction zone temporarily affects your walking route.
  • Don’t play on or near construction equipment.
  • Obey posted warnings and never go beyond construction fences, barriers or barrels.
  • Be careful around heavy equipment. If you can’t see the driver, he/she can’t see you.

For the latest information on construction projects across the state, visit the UDOT Traffic website or download the UDOT Traffic app for iPhone or Android.


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