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Adjustments to Standard Specifications and Drawings Process

Beginning in May 2021 UDOT began digitally publishing its Standard Drawing Book and Standard Specification Book for contractors and consultants annually at the start of what has traditionally been considered the construction season.

Previously, these books were published every four years in hard-bound volumes, with paper supplemental specifications and drawings printed as needed.

“Quite frankly, the old process is obsolete, based on hard-bound books and paper supplementals,” said George Lukes, UDOT design and standards engineer. “UDOT Executive Director Carlos Braceras has urged us to find ways to go completely paperless in our work, and this is consistent with that direction.”

Brad Yeates, standards communication coordinator, said the new process will provide “consistent release dates that will align design, advertising and construction.” He said it will also eliminate the need for UDOT and its contractors to have to figure out how to manage the printed supplementals to the bound volumes.

“The list of supplementals got very long over a four-year period, and just keeping track of them and managing all that paper was a challenge,” Yeates said. “This new process eliminates the Supplemental Specifications and provides everyone with a fresh new digital edition of both the Standard Drawings and the Standard Specifications every year.”
Lukes said the new editions will be available for design each May for the following calendar year of construction. For example, the edition for Construction Year 2022 will be available for design in May 2021.

For more information on the new digital Standard Drawing Book and Standard Specification Book please contact Yeates at bbyeates@utah.gov.

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