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Heber Valley Corridor Alternative Concepts

UDOT is conducting an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to evaluate potential transportation solutions to improve mobility through the Heber Valley and the operation of U.S. 40.

UDOT has identified 13 alternative concepts that are under consideration in the EIS. Alternative concepts were developed using information from previous studies, public comments and traffic analysis conducted by the EIS project team. These alternative concepts will be evaluated in a multi-level screening process to determine which alternatives will be carried forward for detailed environmental analysis.

Information about all of the alternative concepts is available on the Heber Valley EIS website. UDOT also held a virtual public meeting and presentation October 5 along with an in-person open house on October 6 at the Heber Valley Elementary School. For more information about the meetings please visit hebervalleyeis.udot.utah.gov.

A 30-day public comment period began on October 5. UDOT is asking the public to comment on the range of alternatives, the criteria used to screen alternatives, and identification of any social, economic, and environmental impacts. Please visit hebervalleyeis.udot.utah.gov to submit a comment or to find additional ways to submit comments. Comments will be accepted until November 4.

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