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Midvalley Highway and I-80 interchange in Tooele County Open

Midvalley Highway will provide drivers with better access to I-80 and reduce congestion at the S.R. 36 interchange and along S.R. 36. 

The new 4.5-mile road runs from S.R. 138 near Sheep Lane to I-80 about 5 miles west of the S.R. 36 interchange and is expected to remove 6,000 to 8,000 vehicles per day from S.R. 36, reducing delays on that road by 70 percent. 

“Our mission at UDOT is to improve quality of life through transportation,” said Lisa Wilson, UDOT deputy director. “In one of the fastest-growing communities in Utah, the new Midvalley Highway will shorten drive times, giving people more time to do the things they want. It will provide better connections to employment, education and loved ones, and more economic opportunities across the valley.”

Some major benefits of the Midvalley Highway include:

  • 15-20% traffic removal from S.R. 36 in the Lake Point area
  • 70% reduction in delay on southbound S.R. 36
  • Five minute travel time from S.R. 138 to I-80

Constructing the Midvalley Highway is part of UDOT’s long-term transportation planning initiative in Tooele County to improve traffic conditions for a growing population. UDOT will continue to evaluate and work with partners to provide transportation choices that keep people moving. 


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