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Bridge Management Manual

Bridge Management Manual

The Bridge Management Manual (BMM) has been developed to provide the Bridge Management staff and consultants with UDOT policies, procedures, and practices.  In general, Bridge Management focuses on the responsible management of the in service bridge inventory.  In addition, the BMM addresses the Structures Division’s emergency response plan and coordination with local governments.  All criteria presented in the BMM are expected to be met to help fulfill UDOT’s mission of providing a safe and efficient transportation system.

Current Bridge Management Manual

For convenience, the “Current BMM” includes the most recent full release of the written manual along with interim revisions to date in a single document.  Please verify that the copy includes the most current interim revisions. Previous published versions of the BMM, and BMM Revision Memoranda are provided below.

Bridge Management Manual

The BMM provides current policies and procedures for use in managing the in service bridge inventory.

Bridge Management Manual – June 2017
Interim revisions to the BMM between published editions are issued through BMM Revision Memoranda.

BMM Revision Memoranda

Revision Memoranda

A BMM Revision Memorandum establishes interim revisions to BMM policies, procedures, and practices. The Structures Division issues memoranda as needed to ensure that the BMM remains up to date and appropriately reflects changes in needs and requirements.

Requirements detailed in the memoranda are effective and enforceable on the effective date listed in the memorandum.

– No BMM revisions to date –

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Bridge Inspection Documents

Bridge Inspection Documents

The files below are provided to aid bridge inspectors in performing In-Service Bridge Inspections as defined in Chapter 3 of the BMM.

Parent Element Note Format (Updated 9/7/2022)

Element Defect Note Format (Updated 9/7/2022)

Load Rating Templates and Training Videos

Load Rating Templates

These load rating templates are provided to aid in load rating bridges as specified in Chapter 4 of the BMM. Templates are organized by structure type and are provided to facilitate efficient, consistent, and accurate load ratings. The links below connect to folders containing associated template materials.

Load Rating Training Videos

These videos are provided to assist with the development of models for the load rating of curved steel girders and structures governed by soil structure interaction. These videos have been recorded in the .wrf file format. To view the files please download a Webex Player from the makers of Webex.

Load Rating Training Video – Soil Structure Interaction Method
Recorded August 2016

Load Rating Training Video – Curved Steel Girders
Recorded August 2016

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