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Vehicle Reservations & Information

The Equipment Operations Division manages several areas related to the daily operations of equipment needs for the agency including:

  • Employee Operator ID requests
  • Fuel Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)
  • Fuel Card’s
  • On site motor pool rentals

Employee Operator ID and Fuel PIN Requests

An employee who has been identified by their supervisor as having the authority to operator a state vehicle on the agency’s behalf is required to request an “Operator ID”. Once the employee’s operator ID is created a Fuel PIN number is issued to that employee. The Fuel PIN number should never be shared with another employee.
Fuel PIN Request Form (PDF File)

Fuel Cards

State fuel cards are issued to a specific piece of equipment. Perimeters are set up based on the type of equipment. An equipment’s assigned fuel card should always be used for fueling that piece of equipment. Supervisor fuel cards are issued for the purpose of fueling non-numbered small equipment or non-numbered short term lease equipment. If a supervisor fuel card is used, those charges need to be documented on the attached form.
Supervisor Fuel Card Charges Form (PDF File)

In the event a problem occurs when using a fuel card, or a fuel card is misplaced, please contact Equipment Operations as soon as possible.
Sara Bodily (801) 965-4121 or sarabodily@utah.gov
Nicole Godfrey (801) 965-4636 or ngodfrey@utah.gov

Locate the State of Utah’s Division of Fleet Operations approved fueling and service/repair sites using the iPhone or Android app.

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On Site Motor Pool Rentals

The Equipment Operations Division manages two options for renting vehicles. This allows for on demand vehicle needs for not only UDOT employees but also other State Agency employees. Rentals are available for most needs of light duty cars, trucks and SUVs. The UDOT motor pool also offers 2, 12 passenger Sprinter vans. If assistance is needed when using the reservation sites, contact the Motor pool office at (801) 965-4081.