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Noise Walls

Sound can be described as the mechanical energy of a vibrating object transmitted by pressure waves through the air to a hearing organ, such as a human ear. Noise is defined as loud, unexpected, or annoying sound.

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) recognizes a commitment to minimize noise impacts generated by highway traffic that may adversely impact human activity and the quality of life of residents located in the vicinity of heavily traveled roads. Impacts are assessed on highway improvement projects consistent with Federal Regulation 23 CFR 772 – Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise and Utah Administrative Code R930-3 Highway Noise Abatement.

The materials below provide information about how UDOT determines noise impacts, evaluates mitigation, and assesses the affected public’s desires for noise barriers. 

Noise Analysis Process

One-page graphic overview to understand traffic noise and UDOT’s Noise Policy.

Noise Abatement Policy

UDOT Policy 08A2-01

Informational video explaining UDOT’s Noise Abatement Policy.

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