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Rotational Engineer Program

The Utah Department of Transportation’s Rotational Engineer Program is a long-term career development program. Preparing recent college graduates for professional licensure through practical work experience, we offer a career path designed for success.

Why UDOT’s Rotational Engineer Program?

UDOT is one of the largest engineering organizations in Utah, offering rotational engineers:

We encourage our engineers to discover the most suitable and interesting areas of civil engineering for them with many engineers finding long-term employment within UDOT in the area they like best.



On the construction rotation you can expect to experience:

  • Working directly with Resident and Field Engineers
  • Understand and participate in inspection procedures and documentation
  • Reading and reviewing plans and specifications
  • Learn about and process change order requests
  • Working in a field lab and learn material testing procedures

Roadway Design

On the roadway design rotation you can expect to experience:

  • Learning the UDOT advertising process through the design network
  • Training and and use of MicroStation and InRoads CADD software
  • Learn the basics of modeling
  • Preparing estimates for projects
  • Plan creation and review
  • Design and package a project for advertisement


On the maintenance rotation you can expect to experience:

  • Understanding MMQA, feature inventory, and snow removal concepts
  • Working with maintenance crews
  • Learn general budgeting principles of roadway maintenance
  • Experiencing semi-annual inspections/reviews
  • Understanding the process for creating procurement contracts
  • Gather data and prioritize needs for various roadway features
  • Estimating quantities and cost for roadway features


On the materials rotation you can expect to experience:

  • Learning the principles and practices of Pavement Design
  • Participating in the verification of asphalt and concrete pavement designs
  • Learning and assisting with aggregate and pavement quality testing
  • Assisting in obtaining asphalt cores, soil samples, section histories, etc.
  • Reading and understanding standard specifications and their importance

How to Apply

We currently have two open positions for Rotational Engineers.

Region 2: Rotational Engineer

Region 4: Rotational Engineer

After you’ve applied, we will reach out and schedule an interview. Please come prepared with your resume and any questions you may have for us. After interviews for all qualified candidates are conducted, you’ll be notified in a timely manner as to whether you were hired for the position.

For more information about the Rotational Engineer program, please contact Chris Dilley at cdilley@utah.gov.

Work/Life Balance

New engineers at UDOT rapidly gain experience and develop skills as they make an impact on Utah’s transportation system. Rotational Engineers are engaged in the day-to-day work of the biggest and most exciting projects the department has to offer.

Other benefits include:

  • 13 days annual leave earned per year.
  • 13 days sick leave earned per year.
  • 11 paid holidays per year.
  • 401(k) match retirement saving program.
  • 1.5 hours of paid exercise per week. 
  • $5,200.00 per year educational assistance.
  • Monday-Thursday flexible schedules available in select areas. 


Not quite ready for the Rotational Engineer program? UDOT hires interns in all facets of transportation. Check out our internship program to see if it’s a good fit for you.